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Welcome to the Microsoft Office 2003 Smart Document Software Development Kit [Office 2003 SDK Documentation]

Office 2003

Welcome to the Microsoft® Office 2003 Smart Document Software Development Kit (SDK).

Publish date of this reference: January 2005 (version 2003)

Download the Office 2003 Smart Document Software Development Kit

This reference contains the following:

Is the Smart Document Software Development Kit for you?

The Microsoft Office 2003 Smart Document Software Development Kit provides assistance for creating smart documents for use with Microsoft Office Word 2003 and Microsoft Office Excel 2003. This SDK is intended for anyone who is interested in creating smart documents. This SDK assumes the following:

  • You know and are comfortable using Extensible Markup Language (XML).
  • You have read and understand the Microsoft Office 2003 Smart Tag Software Development Kit, which you can locate on MSDN®, the Microsoft Developer Network.
  • You know and understand at least one programming language. Most smart documents are controlled from an external dynamic-link library (DLL), which you can write in either in a COM language or any Microsoft .NET-compatible language.

Using the Smart Document SDK

To help you get the most out of this SDK, the following table describes the information provided in each section.

Getting StartedProvides a description of what smart documents are and how you can use them. In addition, this section contains a glossary of terms, a list of frequently asked questions, and information about where you can find more help.
Developing Smart Documents Provides information about planning and creating smart document solutions, working with XML in both Office Word 2003 and Office Excel 2003, and choosing controls for your smart document solutions. It also includes information on how to run unsigned smart documents during the development process.
Deploying Smart DocumentsProvides information about deploying smart documents in different deployment scenarios. You will also find information about XML expansion packs, creating the XML expansion pack manifest file, and working with XML expansion pack collections.
Understanding Security and PrivacyProvides security and privacy information specifically related to smart documents. This section covers code signing your smart document DLL files as well as other supporting files that may contain executable code.
TutorialsProvides tutorials for creating smart documents in Microsoft Visual Basic® 6.0, Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET, C#, and Microsoft Visual C++® 6.0. This section demonstrates how to create the same smart document solution in four different programming languages. In addition, it includes a tutorial for developing smart documents by using XML and the Microsoft Office Smart Tag List (MOSTL) Schema, as well as a tutorial on creating XML expansion packs to go with your smart document solutions.
ReferenceProvides reference materials for the Smart Document API, the XML Expansion Pack Manifest Schema, and the portion of the Microsoft Office Smart Tag List (MOSTL) Schema that pertains to smart documents.

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