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Workflow Templates

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A template is a copy of an existing workflow application. A template contains the entire application, including the database schema, permissions, roles, workflow rules, and Web files that make up the application, so it can be transferred easily from one server to another server that has Workflow Services for SQL Server installed. You can create an instance of a complete workflow application from a template onto your server, and you can create your own templates from existing applications. You can reuse and customize existing templates to save development time. Microsoft® Office XP Developer offers two template wizards: one for creating a template from an existing application and one for creating an instance of an application from a template.

  • The SQL Server Workflow Template Creation wizard creates a template that incorporates all aspects of a workflow application.
  • SQL Server Workflow Template Instantiation wizard creates a new application from a template.

When you create a template using the wizards, the template is added automatically to the modSystem database for the instance of the server you are using. In addition, you can export it to a .tpl file if you want to distribute it or use it on another server.

If you are using SQL Server Named Instances on your server and you want to use a template on multiple instances, you can use the Workflow Manager for SQL Server to export the template to or import the template from another instance.

Templates make it easy to share the workflow applications that you create. For example, an expense-reporting application created for your main office could be distributed easily as a template to branch offices. Each branch could modify it as required after creating an instance of the workflow application.

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