CalendarComplianceStatus enumeration

The CalendarComplianceStatus enumeration contains values that indicate either that the iCalendar data is compliant with RFC2445, or that indicate the problem that caused the iCalendar data to fail to comply with RFC2445.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Exchange.Data.ContentTypes.iCalendar
Assembly:  Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Common (in Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Common.dll)

public enum CalendarComplianceStatus

Member nameDescription
CompliantThe incoming iCalendar data is fully compliant with RFC2445.
StreamTruncatedThe iCalendar stream ended unexpectedly.
PropertyTruncatedA property was truncated.
InvalidCharacterInPropertyNameA property name contained an invalid character.
InvalidCharacterInParameterNameA parameter name contained an invalid character.
InvalidCharacterInParameterTextParameter text contained an invalid character.
InvalidCharacterInQuotedStringA quoted string contained an invalid character.
InvalidCharacterInPropertyValueA property value contained an invalid character.
NotAllComponentsClosedOne or more components were not closed properly.
ParametersOnComponentTagA component tag contained a parameter.
EndTagWithoutBeginAn end tag has no corresponding opening tag.
ComponentNameMismatchAn end tag was encountered for a different component than the one that is currently open.
InvalidValueFormatA value was formatted incorrectly.
EmptyParameterNameA parameter name was empty.
EmptyPropertyNameA property name was empty.
EmptyComponentNameA component name was empty.
PropertyOutsideOfComponentA property was encountered outside of a component.
InvalidParameterValueA parameter value was invalid.
ParameterNameMissingA parameter name is missing.