Object.usageCount Method [AX 2012]

Returns the current number of references, that is, the value of the reference counter, that the object has.

public int usageCount()

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Return Value

Type: int
The current number of references that the object has.

When an object is created, its reference counter equals 1. When a new reference is created, its value increases. As a reference goes out of scope, its value decreases.

The following example prints the number of references for objA to the output window.

static void Object_UsageCount(Args _args) 
    Object objA = new Object(); 
    Object objB; 
    print objA.usageCount();    // Prints 1. 
    objB = objA;                // objB is a reference to objA. 
    print objA.usageCount();    // prints 2 

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