Object.equal Method [AX 2012]

Object.equal Method [AX 2012]

Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current one.

public boolean equal(Object object)

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Type: Object Class
The object to compare with the current object.

Return Value

Type: boolean
true if the specified object is equal to the current object; otherwise, false.

The default implementation of the Object::equal method supports only reference equality. Derived classes can, however, override the Object::equal method to support value equality.

The following example compares the current instance with another object.

static void Object_Equal(Args _args) 
    Object objA = new Object(); 
    Object objB = new Object(); 
    print objA.equal(objA);  // true. 
    print objA.equal(objB);  // false. 
    objA = objB; 
    print objA.equal(objB);  // true. 

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