Get Bound Gateway Datasources


Updated: November 29, 2017

Request | Response

The Get Bound Gateway Datasources operation returns a JSON list of all gateway data sources for a dataset.

Required scope: Dataset.ReadWrite.All or Dataset.Read.All

To set the permissions scope, see Register a client app or Register a web app.



Groups are a collection of unified Azure Active Directory groups that the user is a member of and is available in the Power BI service. These are referred to as app workspaces within the Power BI service. To learn how to create a group, see Create an app workspace.


Uri parameter

NameDescriptionData Type
group_idGuid of the Group to use. You can get the group id from the Get Groups operation. Groups are referred to as app workspaces within the Power BI service.String
dataset_idGuid of the Dataset to use. You can get the dataset id from the Get Datasets operation.String


Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eX ... FWSXfwtQ

Status code

200OK. Indicates success. The dataset is returned in the response body.



Body schema

  "odata.context": "string",
  "value": [
      "id": "string",
      "gatewayId": "string",
      "datasourceName": "string",
      "datasourceType": "string",
      "connectionDetails": "string",
      "credentialType": "string",
      "basicCredentials": {
        "username": "string",
        "password": "string"