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exp2, exp2f, exp2l

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Computes 2 raised to the specified value (ie, 2ˣ ).

double exp2(  
   double x  
float exp2(  
   float x  
);  // C++ only  
long double exp2(  
   long double x  
); // C++ only  
float exp2f(  
   float x  
long double exp2l(  
   long double x  


[in] x
The value of the exponent.

If successful, returns the base-2 exponent of x (2ˣ) . Otherwise, may return one of the following values:

x = ±01
x = NaNNaN
Overflow range error+HUGE_VAL, +HUGE_VALF, or +HUGE_VALL
Underflow range errorcorrect result, after rounding

Errors are reported as specified in _matherr.

Because C++ allows overloading, you can call overloads of exp2 that take and return float and long double types. In a C program, exp2 always takes and returns a double.

RoutineC headerC++ header
exp, expf, expl<math.h><cmath>

For additional compatibility information, see Compatibility.

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