VideoEffect Sample

The VideoEffect Sample is an example app that demonstrates capabilities and performance of the Lumia Imaging SDK by allowing the user to preview and apply a number of real-time effects to a camera video stream. The effects are applied to the stream received from the camera and shown in the application. The effects can be changed using the buttons in the application bar. This example app supports recording and capturing of videos and photos.


  • Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Developed with Visual Studio 2015.
  • Compiling the project requires Lumia Imaging SDK version 3.0.


The application launches into a view where the camera is activated and a live camera feed is shown with an effect applied. The user can then select effects to be applied to the camera feed. The user can also change the levels of the effects properties.


The sample app uses the MVVM pattern to separate the view from the application logic.

MainViewModel is where all the effects are set up, and where all camera support is handled.
CustomEffectViewModel is a wrapper around the effect. The class also provides display name, a thumbnail and the ability to set effect properties.

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This example application is hosted at GitHub, where you can check the latest activities, report issues, browse source, ask questions, or suggest changes to the project yourself.


Zip-package of Lumia Imaging SDK Samples source code