Sample projects

Tip: Check out our open source project Lumia Imaging SDK in GitHub. It includes all Quick Start and sample apps. The source code project can be found in Lumia Imaging SDK Git repository .

Quick start


Quick Start is a sample project accompanying the tutorial that helps to get your first app that utilizes the Lumia Imaging SDK up and running. This sample implements the following basic tasks: picking an image from the camera roll, applying an effect to it, and processing the filtered image to be rendered and saved as a full resolution JPEG.

Sample projects

Edit Showcase
Mt598511.Edit-showcase(en-us,WIN.10).png Edit Showcase is an example app that demonstrates the use of effects on still images. An existing photo can be selected. The photo is then processed with the predefined effects. In addition, custom controls are implemented for manipulating the effect properties in real time. The processed image can be saved in the JPEG format into the camera roll.
Video Effect
Mt598511.VideoEffectSample(en-us,WIN.10).png Video Effect sample is an example app that demonstrates the capabilities and performance of the Lumia Imaging SDK by allowing the user to preview and apply a number of real-time effects to camera preview. The effects are applied to the stream received from the camera and shown in the viewfinder. The effects can be changed using the buttons in the application bar. This example app supports recording and capturing of videos and photos.
Lumia Imaging SDK and Win2D Demo
Mt598511.Win2d-demo(en-us,WIN.10).png Lumia Imaging SDK and Win2D Demo is an example app that demonstrates the use of the Lumia Imaging SDK together with the Win2D API.
Image Sequencer
Mt598511.Image-sequencer(en-us,WIN.10).pngImage Sequencer is an example app that demonstrates the use of the Image Aligner and GIF Renderer APIs for creating Cinemagraph-style animations in the animated GIF format. There are also some example image sequences that can be used as a basis for the alignment and animation.
Custom Effect Sample
Mt598511.customeffect(en-us,WIN.10).pngCustom Effect sample demonstrates how to create Custom Effects to do image manipulation both on the CPU and the GPU.