Additional Class Libraries and APIs


The .NET Framework is constantly evolving and in order to improve cross-platform development or to introduce new functionality early to our customers, we release new features out of band (OOB). This topic lists the OOB projects that we provide documentation for.

In addition, some libraries target specific platforms or implementations of the .NET Framework. For example, the CodePagesEncodingProvider class makes code page encodings available to UWP apps developed using the .NET Framework. This topic lists these libraries as well.




Provides collections that are thread safe and guaranteed to never change their contents.


Provides a message handler for HttpClient based on the WinHTTP interface of Windows.


Provides a library of vector types that can take advantage of SIMD hardware-based acceleration.

TPL Dataflow Library

The TPL Dataflow Library provides dataflow components to help increase the robustness of concurrency-enabled applications.



Code Pages Encoding Provider

Extends the System.Text.EncodingProvider class to make code page encodings available to apps that target the Universal Windows Platform.

These APIs support the product infrastructure and are not intended/supported to be used directly from your code.

API Name

s_isDebuggerCheckDisabledForTestPurposes Field

DataMemberFieldEditor Class

DataMemberListEditor Class