CropEffect Constructor (Rect)

Creates and initializes a new CropEffect with a specified crop area.

Namespace: Lumia.Imaging.Transforms
Assembly: Lumia.Imaging (in Lumia.Imaging.dll) Version:

Lumia.Imaging.Transforms.CropEffect = function(cropArea);


Type: Windows.Foundation.Rect
The crop area.

The coordinates are relative to the current coordinate system, which may be affected by preceding effects. The crop area can only be within the image area, otherwise ArgumentException will be thrown when applying the effect.

The crop area has to be within the image area, range x: [0, min(16383, image width)] y: [0, min(16383, image height)].

If the crop area has a width or height of 0, this effect will not be applied.

Lumia Imaging SDK

Supported in: 3.0