System.Configuration Namespaces


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The System.Configuration namespaces contain types for handling configuration data, such as data in machine or application configuration files. Child namespaces contain types that are used to configure an assembly, to write custom installers for components, and to support a pluggable model for adding functionality to, or removing functionality from, both client and server applications.


The System.Configuration namespace contains the types that provide the programming model for handling configuration data.


The System.Configuration.Assemblies namespace contains classes that are used to configure an assembly.


The System.Configuration.Install namespace provides classes that allow you to write custom installers for your own components. The Installer class is the base class for all custom installers in the.NET Framework.


The System.Configuration.Internal namespace contains configuration types that are intended for internal use only.


The System.Configuration.Provider namespace contains the base classes shared by both server and client applications to support a pluggable model to easily add or remove functionality.

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