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Supported WebKit APIs

For improved compatibility, Microsoft Edge supports a variety of "-webkit-" prefixed APIs.

Below is a list of these supported APIs.

webkitAnimation CSS Animations
webkitAnimationDelay CSS Animations
webkitAnimationDirection CSS Animations
webkitAnimationDuration CSS Animations
webkitAnimationFillMode CSS Animations
webkitAnimationIterationCount CSS Animations
webkitAnimationName CSS Animations
webkitAnimationPlayState CSS Animations
webkitAnimationTimingFunction CSS Animations
WebKitPoint CSS Core
webkitBackground CSS Core
webkitBackgroundAttachment CSS Core
webkitBackgroundClip CSS Core
webkitBackgroundColor CSS Core
webkitBackgroundImage CSS Core
webkitBackgroundOrigin CSS Core
webkitBackgroundPosition CSS Core
webkitBackgroundPositionX CSS Core
webkitBackgroundPositionY CSS Core
webkitBackgroundRepeat CSS Core
webkitBackgroundSize CSS Core
webkitBorderBottomLeftRadius CSS Core
webkitBorderBottomRightRadius CSS Core
webkitBorderImage CSS Core
webkitBorderImageOutset CSS Core
webkitBorderImageRepeat CSS Core
webkitBorderImageSlice CSS Core
webkitBorderImageSource CSS Core
webkitBorderImageWidth CSS Core
webkitBorderRadius CSS Core
webkitBorderTopLeftRadius CSS Core
webkitBorderTopRightRadius CSS Core
webkitConvertPointFromNodeToPage CSS Core
webkitConvertPointFromPageToNode CSS Core
webkitFilter CSS Filters
webkitAlignContent CSS FlexBox
webkitAlignItems CSS FlexBox
webkitAlignSelf CSS FlexBox
webkitBoxAlign CSS FlexBox
webkitBoxDirection CSS FlexBox
webkitBoxFlex CSS FlexBox
webkitBoxOrdinalGroup CSS FlexBox
webkitBoxOrient CSS FlexBox
webkitBoxPack CSS FlexBox
webkitBoxSizing CSS FlexBox
webkitFlex CSS FlexBox
webkitFlexBasis CSS FlexBox
webkitFlexDirection CSS FlexBox
webkitFlexFlow CSS FlexBox
webkitFlexGrow CSS FlexBox
webkitFlexShrink CSS FlexBox
webkitFlexWrap CSS FlexBox
webkitJustifyContent CSS FlexBox
webkitOrder CSS FlexBox
webkitAppearance CSS Intrinsic Control Styling
webkitColumnBreakAfter CSS MultiColumn
webkitColumnBreakBefore CSS MultiColumn
webkitColumnBreakInside CSS MultiColumn
webkitColumnCount CSS MultiColumn
webkitColumnGap CSS MultiColumn
webkitColumnRule CSS MultiColumn
webkitColumnRuleColor CSS MultiColumn
webkitColumnRuleStyle CSS MultiColumn
webkitColumnRuleWidth CSS MultiColumn
webkitColumnSpan CSS MultiColumn
webkitColumnWidth CSS MultiColumn
webkitColumns CSS MultiColumn
webkitTextFillColor CSS Text Masking
WebKitCSSMatrix CSS Transforms
webkitBackfaceVisibility CSS Transforms
webkitPerspective CSS Transforms
webkitPerspectiveOrigin CSS Transforms
webkitTransform CSS Transforms
webkitTransformOrigin CSS Transforms
webkitTransformStyle CSS Transforms
webkitTransition CSS Transitions
webkitTransitionDelay CSS Transitions
webkitTransitionDuration CSS Transitions
webkitTransitionProperty CSS Transitions
webkitTransitionTimingFunction CSS Transitions
webkitWritingMode CSS Writing Modes
onwebkitfullscreenchange FullScreen
onwebkitfullscreenerror FullScreen
webkitCancelFullScreen FullScreen
webkitCurrentFullScreenElement FullScreen
webkitDisplayingFullscreen FullScreen
webkitEnterFullscreen FullScreen
webkitExitFullScreen FullScreen
webkitFullscreenElement FullScreen
webkitFullscreenEnabled FullScreen
webkitIsFullScreen FullScreen
webkitRequestFullscreen FullScreen
webkitSupportsFullscreen FullScreen
webkitTapHighlightColor Mobile Extensions
webkitTextSizeAdjust Mobile Extensions
webkitMatchesSelector Selectors API
webkitUserSelect Text Selection