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Attributes Modified by Exchange

Exchange Server 2003

Attributes Modified by Exchange

This content is no longer actively maintained. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release.

The topics in this section contain the modifications that Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 makes to existing Microsoft Active Directory® attributes when you install Exchange Server 2003.

The following table lists the modified attributes.

Name Description
Address Attribute

The user's address.

Admin-Display-Name Attribute

The name to be displayed on administrator screens.

Attribute-Syntax Attribute

The object identifier (OID) for the syntax for this attribute.

Comment Attribute

The user's comments. Can be a null string.

Company Attribute

The user's company name.

Department Attribute

Contains the name for the department in which the user works.

Display-Name-Printable Attribute

The name displayed in the address book for a particular user. Usually the combination of the user's first name, middle initial, and last name.

E-mail-Addresses Attribute

The list of e-mail addresses for a contact.

Facsimile-Telephone-Number Attribute

Contains the telephone number of the user's business fax machine.

Garbage-Coll-Period Attribute

Located on the CN=Directory Service,CN=Windows NT,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,... object. Represents the period in hours between Directory Service (DS) garbage collection runs.

Given-Name Attribute

Contains the given name (first name) of the user.

Initials Attribute

Contains the initials for parts of the user's full name. May be used as the middle initial in the Windows Address Book.

Managed-By Attribute

The distinguished name of the user that is assigned to manage this object.

Network-Address Attribute

The TCP/IP address for a network segment. Also called the subnet address.

NT-Mixed-Domain Attribute

Indicates that the domain is in native mode or mixed mode. Found in the domainDNS (head) object for the domain.

OM-Syntax Attribute

A number representing the OM type for the attribute.

Owner Attribute

The distinguished name of an object that has ownership of an object.

Phone-Fax-Other Attribute

A list of alternate facsimile numbers.

Phone-Home-Other Attribute

A list of alternate home phone numbers.

Phone-Mobile-Other Attribute

A list of alternate cell phone numbers.

Phone-Mobile-Primary Attribute

The primary cell phone number.

Phone-Office-Other Attribute

A list of alternate office phone numbers.

Phone-Pager-Other Attribute

A list of alternate pager numbers.

Phone-Pager-Primary Attribute

The primary pager number.

Physical-Delivery-Office-Name Attribute

Contains the office location of the user's place of business.

Postal-Code Attribute

The postal or zip code for mail delivery.

Post-Office-Box Attribute

The post office box number for this object.

Proxy-Addresses Attribute

Address by which a Exchange Server recipient object is recognized in a foreign mail system. Required not just for users, but for all recipient objects such as custom recipients and distribution lists.

Purported-Search Attribute

The search argument for an address book view.

Show-In-Address-Book Attribute For more information, see this topic.
Sub-Class-Of Attribute

The parent class of a class.

Text-Country Attribute

The country/region in which the user is located.

Text-Encoded-OR-Address Attribute For more information, see this topic.
Title Attribute

Contains the user's job title. Property commonly used to indicate the formal job title, such as Senior Programmer, rather than occupational class, such as programmer. Not typically used for suffix titles such as Esq. or D.D.S.

Version-Number Attribute

A general-purpose version number.

WWW-Home-Page Attribute

The primary Web page.

WWW-Page-Other Attribute

A list of alternate Web pages.