Installing Localized Versions of the .NET Framework 1.1


June 2003

The .NET Framework 1.1 redistributable (Dotnetfx.exe) is available in 22 language versions. All versions of Dotnetfx.exe are the same programmatically; the only difference between each of the 22 versions is the user interface displayed during installation. For example, when installing a Japanese language version of dotnefx.exe on an English language machine all the installation dialogs and the end user license agreement (EULA) will be in Japanese, but the code itself isn't localized and all dialogs displayed by the .NET Framework will be in English. Therefore, if you wish to see installation dialogs in a specific language, you should install the corresponding version of Dotnetfx.exe.

In order to have Japanese dialogs displayed by the .NET Framework version 1.1 you will also have to install a corresponding language pack. A .NET Framework version 1.1 language pack contains only localized resources (such as error messages) but changes nothing programmatically in the .NET Framework version 1.1.

There are 21 language packs available for the .NET Framework version 1.1 and all 21 can be installed on the same machine. However, there isn't an English Language pack due to the fact that Dotnetfx.exe already has all error codes and messages in English by default.

In every case possible the localized version of Dotnetfx.exe and the matching language pack should be installed on localized machines. This means that you should install the dotnetfx.exe that has been localized into Japanese as well as the Japanese language pack when installing on a Japanese machine.

Note   When installing a .NET Framework language pack on a computer running the Windows 98 or Windows Me operating system, the system code page and font must support the language pack being installed. There are several options:
  • Install the same language pack as the language of Windows. For example, install the Japanese Language Pack on the Japanese version of Windows 98.
  • Install a localized version of the language pack on a localized version of Windows, in which the system code page is the same for both languages. For example, install the French Language Pack on the German version of Windows 98.
  • Install the .NET Framework version 1.1 on any localized version of Windows. If the system code page and font do not support the language of the .NET Framework language pack being installed, dialogs will not display correctly. For example, when installing the Japanese Language Pack on the English version of Windows 98, setup dialogs will not display text correctly.

    This limitation applies only to Windows 98 and Windows Me systems. You can install any .NET Framework language pack on any language version of Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP, or the Windows Server 2003 family.

To get the .NET Framework 1.1. Language Packs, click here.