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Exchange Server 2003 Namespace

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The properties for the namespace contain XML strings that describe Microsoft® Windows® server operating systems security descriptors and security identifiers (SIDs). The Exchange store parses the XML and renders it into binary values for Windows server security, and also extracts binary information into XML for property inquiries. XML is only used for the transfer format, not for persistence.

The following table lists the properties in this namespace according to whether they are security descriptors or role SIDs. A role security identifier (SID) differs from a Windows server SID because role SID is exclusively a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 security feature. Each role SID property contains a list of SIDs that access control entries (ACEs) in a discretionary access control list (DACL) can use to determine whether to grant or deny access to an Exchange store folder, item, or property.

The Exchange store uses SIDs to calculate Exchange store mailing and document management properties, as well as to implement security roles. A role property in this namespace contains a list of SIDs.

Descriptor Properties Role SID Properties
admindescriptor Field

descriptor Field

creator Field

lastmodifier Field

originalauthor Field

originalsender Field

originalsentrepresenting Field

originator Field

readreceiptfrom Field

receivedby Field

receivedrepresenting Field

reportdestination Field

reportfrom Field

sender Field

sentrepresenting Field

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