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Setting Message Restriction on an SMTP Virtual Server Using ADSI

Exchange Server 2003

Setting Message Restriction on an SMTP Virtual Server Using ADSI

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Visual Basic

'Set message restriction on SMTP Virtual Server using ADSI
'This sample will set the message restriction for all of the virtual
'SMTP servers in an administrative group in an organization. 
'To simplify the sample you must set the value of strOrg to an Organization
'Name and set the value of strAdmiGrp to an administrative group
'By default an Exchange server will have an administrative group
'called First Administrative Group.

Sub SetMsgRestriction()
Dim oRootDSE As IADs
Dim oConnection As New ADODB.Connection
Dim oCommand As New ADODB.Command
Dim oRecordSet As ADODB.Recordset
Dim oRecordSet2 As ADODB.Recordset
Dim varConfigNC As Variant
Dim strQuery As String
Dim strOrg As String
Dim strAdminGrp As String

On Error Resume Next

'TODO: set these next two variables
strOrg = "Microsoft"
strAdminGrp = "First Administrative Group"

' Get the configuration naming context
Set oRootDSE = GetObject("LDAP://RootDSE")
varConfigNC = oRootDSE.Get("configurationNamingContext")

' Open the Connection
oConnection.Provider = "ADsDSOObject"
oConnection.Open "ADs Provider"
oCommand.ActiveConnection = oConnection
oCommand.Properties("Page Size") = 99

strQuery = "<LDAP://CN=Servers,CN=" & _
            strAdminGrp & ",CN=Administrative Groups,CN=" & _
            strOrg & ",CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services," & _
            varConfigNC & _

oCommand.CommandText = strQuery
'Get a recordset of all the servers
Set oRecordSet = oCommand.Execute
'Iterate through the Servers
'check for errors
If Err.Number = 0 Then
    While Not oRecordSet.EOF
    ' Build the query to find all Virtual SMTP Servers on each Server in the strAdminGroup
        Err.Number = 0
            strQuery = "<LDAP://cn=SMTP,cn=Protocols," _
                    & oRecordSet("distinguishedname").Value & _
            Debug.Print strQuery
            oCommand.ActiveConnection = oConnection
            'reset the error to null so we can check it later.
            Err.Number = 0
            oCommand.CommandText = strQuery
            Set oRecordSet2 = oCommand.Execute
        'if a recordset was returned.....
            If Err.Number = 0 Then
        'Iterate through the Virtual SMTP Servers
                While Not oRecordSet2.EOF
                   ADsPath = "LDAP://" & oRecordSet2("distinguishedname").Value
                   Set oSMTP = GetObject(ADsPath)
                   Debug.Print oSMTP.msExchSmtpMaxMessageSize
                    'set the Maximume Message size to 5000 KB or 5120000 bytes
                    oSMTP.Put "msExchSmtpMaxMessageSize", 5120000
                    ' other properties of interest :
                    'msExchSmtpMaxMessageSize - Limit message size to (KB)
                    'msExchSmtpMaxSessionSize - Limit session to (KB)
                    'msExchSmtpMaxOutboundMsgPerDomain  - Limit messages per connection
                    'msExchSmtpMaxRecipients - Limit number of recipient per message
                    'msExchSmtpSendNDRTo - Send copy of Non-Delivery report to
                    'msExchSmtpQueueDirectory - BadmailDirectory
                    'msExchAlternateServer - Forward all mail with unresolved recipients to host.
                    'msExchMaxIncomingConnections - Limit number of connection to
                    'msExchServerBindings  IP Address
                    'msExchServerBindingTurflist Enable Filter Turf List
                    'msExchIncomingConnectionTimeout - Connection time-out (minutes)
                    'msExchLogType - Enable Logging
                    'msExchAuthenticationFlags - Access Control
                    'msExchIPSecurity - Connection control
                    'msExchSMTPRelayIpList - Relay IP restictions list
                    'msExchSmtpRemoteQueueRetries - Delivery Outbound retries
                    'msExchSmtpRemoteQueueDelayNotification - Delivery outbound delay notification
                    'msExchSmtpRemoteQueueExpirationTimeout - Delivery outbound expiration timeout
                    'msExchSmtpLocalQueueDelayNotification - Delivery Local delay notification
                    'msExchSmtpRemoteQueueExpirationTimeout - Delivery Local expiration timeout

        End If
    Debug.Print "Bad information for strOrg = " & strOrg & " or for strAdminGrp =" & strAdminGrp
End If
'Clean Up

Set oRecordSet = Nothing
Set oRecordSet2 = Nothing
Set oCommand = Nothing
Set oConnection = Nothing

End Sub