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Application Speech Controls

Speech Server 2004 R2
  Microsoft Speech Technologies Homepage

Application Speech Controls are composite controls, composed of one or more Dialog Speech Controls, together with specialized recognition grammars and prompts. They are designed for the collection of particular types of commonly-used information, such as dates, currency and credit card numbers. Authors can create ASP.NET applications using Application Speech Controls and Speech Controls on the same page.

Application Speech Controls include the following members:

Supports navigation through and within tables of data by means of commands like "Next," "Previous" and "Repeat."
Supports the selection of data from lists.
Collects a string of numbers and letters.
Collects a credit card date.
Collects a credit card number and type.
Collects an amount in U.S. dollars.
Collects a date.
Collects and validates a natural number within an upper and a lower boundary.
Collects a U.S. telephone number and extension.
Collects a U.S. Social Security number.
Collects a Yes or No answer.
Collects a U.S. ZIP Code and extension.

Application Speech Controls include a set of default prompts to facilitate rapid design. Not all prompts are included; in such cases authors must provide a prompt that makes sense in the context of the application. Use Speech Prompt Editor to create professional, topical prompts before deploying their application.

All Application Speech Controls are based on the ApplicationControl class. Authors can create custom controls using ApplicationControl and the IDtmf interface.

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