Features of the Speech Application SDK

Speech Server 2004 R2
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This topic lists highlighted features of the various constituents of the Microsoft Speech Application SDK (SASDK), and includes links to documents that provide a high-level description of these highlighted features.


The SASDK enables Web developers to create, debug and deploy speech-enabled Microsoft ASP.NET Web applications designed for devices ranging from telephones to Windows Mobile-based devices and desktop PCs.

The SASDK provides a complete set of authoring tools for developing speech-enabled Web applications that run on rich clients such as a desktop PC, a Tablet PC or a Pocket PC. The tools are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, allowing developers to take advantage of a familiar and powerful development environment.

In addition to these authoring tools, the SASDK provides a powerful set of ASP.NET Speech Controls, Speech Add-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer, a rich grammar library, sample and reference applications, speech debugging tools, an application event logging mechanism, and documentation.

Click the links below to view a brief description of the highlighted features that are listed for each constituent of the SASDK.

Speech Control Editor Features
  • Property Builders
  • Support for ASP.NET Speech Controls
  • Speech Controls Outline Window
  • Speech Application Wizard
Speech Grammar Editor Features
  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Grammar Support
  • Semantic Authoring
  • Semantic Script Editor
  • Pronunciation Editor
  • Features facilitating use of Referenced Rules
Speech Prompt Editor Features
  • Enhanced prompt editing
  • Prompt validation
  • Command Line Tool for editing prompt databases
  • User-defined extraction IDs
  • Prompt wrapper function visibility
ASP.NET Application Speech Control Features
  • Basic Speech Controls
  • Dialog Speech Controls
  • Application Speech Controls
  • Controls designed for call management
  • Referencing the Active QA
  • Pausing dialogues managed by RunSpeech
  • Command and exception history tracking
Speech Add-ins for Internet Explorer Features
  • Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) 1.0 Support
  • Audio Meter
Grammar Library and Applications Features
  • A rich voice mode grammar library
  • Sample applications
  • Reference applications
Speech Debugging Tools Features
  • Call conditions simulation
  • Visible server-side information
  • Replay from file
  • Call management debugging
  • Support for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC (Pocket PC)
Event Logging and Analysis Features
  • Detailed event data for application tuning
  • Ability to raise events from SALT applications
  • Event filters to control Log Output


  • See the SASDK Help documentation for a complete description of the technology and tools, as well as tutorials.
  • The approach to speech-enabled Web applications that Microsoft Corporation uses is built around an emerging standard: SALT. The SALT Forum has produced a specification for version 1.0 of SALT and contributed it to the Multimodal and Voice Browser Working Groups of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for consideration as a standard for telephony and multimodal applications, which incorporate speech-enabled elements within a Web interface.