What's New in Microsoft Speech Application SDK Version 1.1

Speech Server 2004 R2
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Microsoft Speech Application SDK Version 1.1 (SASDK) includes enhancements and new features that developers can use to create applications in languages other than English (United States). This topic outlines these enhancements as well as tool enhancements and new features.


MSS Language Pack Support

The SASDK supports the Microsoft Speech Server 2004 (MSS) language packs, so developers can now create applications in Spanish (United States) and French (Canada) in addition to the default language, English (United States). The components necessary for supporting these additional languages are contained in two MSS language packs that are bundled with MSS Release 2 (R2) and are also available for downloading from the Microsoft Speech Technologies Web site downloads page. Language pack components include speech recognition (SR) and text-to-speech (TTS) engines, a language-specific grammar library, documentation, and support files for SASDK tools and ASP.NET Speech Controls.

In addition, the Speech Web Application Project Wizard now supports the new languages and simplifies the process of developing speech applications in all supported languages.

SASDK Tool Enhancements and New Features

The following list outlines the new SASDK tool enhancements and new features.

Speech Grammar Editor
  • The Language property for a grammar file specifies the language supported.
  • The speech recognition engine for the language specified by the Language property performs validation.

For more information, see Creating Grammar Files and Languages and Speech Engines, Options Dialog Box.
Pronunciation Editor
  • The phoneme set is determined by the Language property for the grammar file.

For more information, see Pronunciation Editor.
Speech Prompt Editor
  • The ability to specify the language engine used for performing prompt generation, alignment, and validation on the prompt project property page.

For more information, see Managing Prompt Projects.
Speech Control Editor
  • The language selected in the Speech Web Application Project Wizard determines the language setting for the initial set of project components.

For more information, see Using the Project Wizard to Set the Application Language.
Telephony Application Simulator
  • The ability to select among available speech recognition or voice engines when debugging voice-only applications that recognize and prompt in languages other than English (United States).

For more information, see Debugging Voice-only Applications.