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Updated: February 19, 1999

One of the best ways to solve problems and learn valuable techniques is by discussing issues and questions with people who are using the same technologies as you. Various companies sponsor many mailing lists and newsgroups where you can interact with your peers. New areas are frequently opened and old ones closed, so be sure to search for current ones. Here's a sampling of some interesting areas, and instructions for locating others.


Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists send messages to you through e-mail, and you send messages to the list the same way. They work with most e-mail programs, though some may have problems with certain options. Most mailing lists offer digest subscriptions, which send all of the messages for each day in a single large message. Please read the Microsoft Mailing List User's Guide for detailed instructions on using Microsoft's mailing lists.

Click on the list names below for further information on each mailing list, including subscription instructions.

List Name Subject
ASPlists Active Server Pages (ASP) technology
ATL Microsoft Active Template Library (ATL) technology
Authenticode Microsoft Trust Verification Services
CIFS Microsoft Common Internet File System (CIFS)
CryptoAPI Microsoft Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM)
DCOM Microsoft Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM)
IE-HTML Internet Explorer--HTML and scripting
ISAPI ISAPI applications and filters
Java-COM Using Java and COM together
MFC Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)
Windows Media Technology Windows Media Technology
MSDN Wire MSDN Online Community news
VISBAS-Beginners Visual Basic beginners
VISBAS-L Visual Basic

You can easily search for other mailing lists through:


For your convenience, we've compiled a list of Usenet newsgroups that focus on Internet technologies, Windows-based programming, and content development.

We also provide links to the Microsoft Product Support area of the Microsoft Web site where you can quickly search for Microsoft's Usenet Newsgroups where Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) work to support users.

For tips on using Usenet, searching through groups, finding specific groups, or just to find out more about newsgroups, see the Google Groups site on the World Wide Web.

Peer-to-peer newsgroups are available to help you interact with other users of our products, including Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). A Microsoft MVP is a professional who voluntaily provides assistance to users through online forums. For more information, please visit the Microsoft MVP page.

In addition, Microsoft MSDN Online members have access to developer newsgroups with the Online Special Interest Groups' Web-based newsgroup reader.

Section Newsgroups
Internet browsers
Web browsers for Microsoft® Windows®
Web browsers for Microsoft Windows

Microsoft newsgroups for Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer for all platforms, plus Netmeeting, scripting, Java, Internet mail, and news

Internet servers
Web servers for Microsoft Windows and Windows NT®

Microsoft newsgroups for Internet Explorer
Setup, usage, ActiveX™ server, and dbWeb

Web content development news:comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi
Writing CGI scripts for the Web

Writing HTML for the Web

Using images and image maps on the Web

Miscellaneous Web authoring issues

Authoring tools Microsoft newsgroups for FrontPage
Client, UNIX®, and Windows NT Extensions
Programming, general
Controls, dialogs, and VBXes
Programming Microsoft Windows
OLE 2, COM, and DDE programming

Microsoft newsgroups for ActiveX and Java
ActiveX SDK, controls, programming, and Java

Microsoft newsgroup for Microsoft Agent
Programming interactive personalities within the Windows interface

Languages and tools
32-bit Windows programming interfaces

The C language

The object-oriented C++ language
MFC-based development for Windows
Windows development tools
Windows Sockets programming tools
Controls, dialogs, and VBXes
OLE 2, COM, and DDE programming
32-bit Windows programming interfaces

General coverage of the BASIC language

General coverage of the BASIC language

General coverage of the BASIC language

Add-ins for Visual Basic®

Official information on Visual Basic (moderated)

Database aspects of Visual Basic

Visual Basic in general

VRML discussion

Microsoft newsgroups for Visual Basic
Controls, databases, OLE, and the Windows API

Microsoft newsgroups for Visual C++
MFC, events, utilities, and ActiveX

Microsoft newsgroups for Visual J++
Installation, compiler, development, and debugger

Microsoft newsgroups for Win32 Development
Kernel, MAPI, TAPI, RPC, multimedia, and OLE

Microsoft newsgroups for Win16
Graphics, printing, kernel, and networks

Microsoft newsgroup for XML
Extensible Markup Language (XML)

Microsoft Access database discussion
Microsoft SQL Server and related products

Microsoft newsgroups for SQL Server
Connections, ODBC, programming, and replication

Microsoft newsgroups for Access
Tables, queries, forms, modules, ODBC, security, and more

Microsoft newsgroups for dbWeb
(See page for Internet Information Server)

Windows, networking
Network programming
Windows NT announcements (moderated)
Announcements relating to Windows (moderated)
Windows Sockets programming
Windows and other networks
Windows and TCP/IP networking
Windows built-in networking

Windows NT and network administration
Windows RAS networking
Windows NT system administration
Windows NT network administration
General discussion on Windows NT

Microsoft newsgroups for Windows NT
Domain administration, netware, printing, communication, and more

Encryption and security technologies
Security technology announcements
Computer and network security issues