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Using ActiveX Controls in VBScript

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In this chapter, we'll look at some of the ActiveX controls, which are essentially limited OCX controls, that Microsoft has developed or distributes for use with VBScript. The ability to use embedded ActiveX controls is one of the most powerful VBScript techniques. In fact, some people consider VBScript simply a means of making ActiveX controls work in Web pages. We will look at some of the most popular ActiveX controls and then go into more depth on three of them: grid controls, graph controls, and multimedia controls. Here are the ActiveX controls we'll review, along with their associated support files in Windows 95:

  • 3-D buttons: threed32.ocx

  • 3-D frames and panels: threed32.ocx

  • Grid controls: grid32.ocx

  • Graph controls: graph32.ocx

  • 3-D checkboxes: threed32.ocx

  • AVI file controls: avifile.dll

  • Multimedia controls: mci32.ocx

  • Spin buttons: spin32.ocx

  • 3-D option buttons: threed32.ocx

  • Sliders: comctl32.ocx

  • Keystate controls: keysta32.ocx

  • Rich text controls: richtx32.ocx

  • Progress bars: comctl32.ocx

    Let's start by seeing how to embed an ActiveX control into a Web page.

© 1996 by Steven Holzner. All rights reserved