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<TITLE>Web services from the client</TITLE>

<script language=JScript>

function init()


      // Create an instance of the web service and call it svcWeather




function showWeather(result)


       // Show the conditions

        divWeather.innerHTML = result.value



function getConditions()


      // Call the getConditions method on the svcWeather web service

      iCallID = service.svcWeather.callService(showWeather,"getConditions",txtCity.value)








<body onload=init()>

<div id=service style="BEHAVIOR: url(webservice.htc)"></div>



<table border="0" width="100%" ID="Table1">


        <td width="15%">

           <p align="right">Which city?:</td>

          <td width="17%"><input type="text" name="txtCity" size="20" ID="Text1">




<input type="button" value="Get Weather" name="btnFindFlights" ID="Button1"  onclick="return getConditions()"></input>


The weather is:<br>

<div id="divWeather"></div>