Database Lookup Functoid

Database Lookup Functoid

Use the Database Lookup functoid (Database Lookup Functoid Icon) to extract a row from a database table as a Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) recordset.


Parameter 1: A value for which to search in the specified database, table, and column.

Parameter 2: A connection string for the database in which to search.

Parameter 3: The name of the table in the database in which to search.

Parameter 4: The name of the column in the table in which to search.


Output 1: An ADO recordset that contains the value sought. Regardless of the number of rows that match the specified value, only the first matching row is included in the recordset.


Use this functoid in conjunction with the Value Extractor and Error Return functoids.

 Security  To avoid the security risks associated with your Microsoft SQL Server™ password being visible as part of the connection string you provide as input parameter 2, you should use Windows NT® authentication instead of SQL Server authentication.

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