Building, Deploying, and Maintaining Intranet Sites for the Enterprise

Content Management Server

Microsoft Corporation

January 2004

Applies to:
Microsoft® Content Management Server 2002

Summary: This book discusses how a small team within the Operations and Technology Group (OTG) at Microsoft uses Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) 2002 to build, deploy, and maintain OTGWeb, an internal Microsoft site. OTG uses OTGWeb to provide information and tools to keep Microsoft employees informed and productive. OTGWeb is, as far as we know, the largest intranet site running MCMS today.

This book:

  • Describes the OTGWeb network architecture and core technologies, providing information that you can use in implementing your intranet network architecture.
  • Discusses how the OTGWeb team handles deployment, testing, backup, and change management.
  • Covers some of the OTGWeb team has built into OTGWeb, such as one-click page creation, a special Frequently Asked Questions placeholder control, and a Web service to integrate MCMS with Active Directory®.
  • Provides some thoughts about how you can apply what the OTGWeb team has learned from their experiences to your own site.
  • Includes a sample Web site that illustrates some of the concepts.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Setup

Chapter 2. Examining OTGWeb's Network Architecture

Chapter 3. Day-to-Day Operations

Chapter 4. Building OTGWeb with Best Practices

Chapter 5. Final Thoughts


Download a copy of this document (1,743 KB).

Download a copy of the sample code (373 KB).

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