Designing BizTalk Orchestrations

Microsoft® BizTalk™ Orchestration Designer is a Microsoft Visio® 2000–based design tool that enables you to create business process drawings that can be compiled and run as XLANG schedules. XLANG is an XML-based language. An XLANG schedule describes the business process and the binding of that process to application services.

You can use BizTalk Orchestration Designer to create drawings that describe long-running, loosely coupled, executable business processes. Typically, these drawings describe the way interactions and procedures are performed during the completion of a specified process, such as a purchase order request. Often, these business processes are not constrained by time limits. Also, the steps within a business process are loosely coupled. The description of the business process is separate from the implementation logic and sequencing used to perform the process.

The following topics are covered in this section:

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