CRM 1.0

Actions are predefined procedures that execute on entry to a step. Actions can include the creation of new entities, changes to the currently entity, and calls to external systems. Actions are fired serially, from the top down, on entry of their associated step.

The XML schema is described by wfaction.xsd.

Field: actioncode

The actioncode attribute is reserved for application use.

Field: actiontypecode

The possible values for the actiontypecode field are defined by WORKFLOW_ACTION_TYPE.

Field: orderofexecution

This field specifies which action should be executed first. For example, an action with an orderofexecution of 1 executes before an action in the same step with an orderofexecution of 2.

Field: errorhandler

The possible values for the errorhandler field are defined by WORKFLOW_ERROR_HANDLER_LEVEL.

Each action type requires a different set of action parameters. The following sections provide those details.

Action type
Send Email  
Email Template  
Create an Attachment for Activity    
Handle an Activity
Handle an Incident
Create Note  
Note Attachment  
Assign New Owner  
Set State
Post URL
Execute a Sub-Process

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