CRM 1.0

A condition is a hierarchy of parameters that is evaluated to a Boolean value. Each condition has one top-level parameter that is evaluated as the result of the condition.

The XML schema is described by wfcondition.xsd.

Field: datatype

The possible values for the datatype field are defined by WORKFLOW_DATA_TYPE.

Field: orderofevaluation

This field specifies which condition should be evaluated first. For example, a condition with an orderofevaluation of 1 is evaluated before a condition in the same rule with an orderofevaluation of 2.

Field: errorhandler

The possible values for the errorhandler field are defined by WORKFLOW_ERROR_HANDLER_LEVEL.

Field: conditioncode

The field conditioncode is reserved for application use.

Field: conditiontypecode

The field conditiontypecode is reserved for application use.


The following diagram shows an example of the schema for a condition with an equal condition parameter (parametertypecode = WFPM_EQ).

Condition Example

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