CRM 1.0

Most of the classes in this namespace do not need instantiation or initialization because the fields represent constant integer values. They are intended for use as values for fields within XML string parameters. Please note that although a method can accept any value, the values presented in this documentation are the valid values for these fields.

The following table lists the contents of the namespace Microsoft.Crm.Platform.Types.

Class Description
AccessRights Lists the possible access rights for a user.
ACCOUNT_STATE Lists the account states.
ACTIVITY_PARTY_TYPE Lists the activity party types.
ACTIVITY_STATE Lists the activity states.
ACTIVITY_STATUS Lists the activity status codes.
CALENDAR_TYPE_CODE Lists the calendar types.
CascadeOps Contains flags to support cascading operations.
CLONE_FIELD_TYPE [Not supported in this release.]
CONTACT_STATE Lists the contact states.
CONTRACT_ALLOTMENT_TYPE_CODE Lists the possible contract allotment types.
CONTRACTDETAIL_STATE Lists the contract detail states.
CONTRACT_STATE Lists the contract states.
CUSTOMER_ADDRESS_TYPE Lists the customer address types.
DeletionStateCode Lists the object deletion states.
DISCOUNT_TYPE_STATE Lists the discount type states.
EVENT_DIRECTION Lists the event direction codes.
EVENT_TYPE Lists the event types.
INCIDENT_STATE Lists the incident (case) states.
InheritanceMask Lists the values for inheritance for businesses.
INVOICE_STATE Lists the invoice states.
KBARTICLE_STATE Lists the knowledge base article states.
LEAD_STATE Lists the lead states.
ObjectType Lists the set of possible object types.
OPPORTUNITY_STATE Lists the opportunity states.
PRICE_LEVEL_STATE Lists the price level states.
PRICE_METHOD Lists the price method states.
PRICING_ERROR_CODE Lists the pricing error codes.
PRIORITY_CODE Lists the possible priority codes.
PRIVILEGE_DEPTH Lists the possible privilege level depths.
PRIVILEGE_DEPTH_MASK [For internal use only.]
PRODUCT_STATE Lists the possible product states.
QUANTITY_SELLING_CODE Lists the possible values for quantity selling code.
QUEUE_TYPE_CODE Lists the possible queue type codes.
QUOTE_STATE Lists the possible quote states.
RESPONSE_CODE Lists the direct e-mail response codes.
ROUNDING_OPTION Lists the possible rounding options.
ROUNDING_POLICY Lists the valid values for rounding policy.
ROUTE_TYPE_CODE Lists the valid values for the route type code.
SALES_ORDER_STATE Lists the sales order states.
SAVED_QUERY_TYPE Lists the types of saved queries.
SecurityPrincipalType Lists the possible types of security principals.
TASK_STATUS Lists the possible status codes for tasks.
TRANSFORM_TARGET_FIELD_TYPE Lists the valid values for the transformation target field type.
WORKFLOW_ACTION_TYPE Lists the possible workflow action types.
WORKFLOW_DATA_TYPE Lists the possible workflow data types.
WORKFLOW_ERROR_HANDLER_LEVEL Lists the possible workflow error handler levels.
WORKFLOW_ERROR_SEVERITY Lists the possible workflow error severities.
WORKFLOW_EVENT_TYPE Lists the possible workflow event types.
WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_TYPE Lists the possible workflow parameter types.
WORKFLOW_PROCESS_INSTANCE_EXIT_CODE Lists the possible workflow process instance exit codes.
WORKFLOW_PROCESS_INSTANCE_STATE Lists the possible workflow process instance states.
WORKFLOW_PROCESS_STATE Lists the possible workflow process states.
WORKFLOW_PROCESS_TYPE Lists the possible workflow process types.

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