ByExtension Element
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ByExtension Element

The ByExtension element defines icons for documents according to their file name extensions. 



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This element is used in DOCICON.XML to drive mapping between file extensions and their corresponding document library icons.

In general, there are two ways that mapping can be performed: by extension (for example, the ByExtension element can be used to map .xls to the appropriate icon for an Excel file) and by ProgID (an HTML document that contains <META Name="ProgId" Content="Word.Document"> would map to an icon for Word by using the ByProgID element).

If you want the document library feature to support a new file extension, add the extension to a ByExtension section and then restart the server.


The following example defines file icons by both ProgIDs and file extensions, but it also sets a default icon for new documents.

    <Mapping Key="Excel.Sheet" Value="ichtmxls.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="PowerPoint.Slide" Value="ichtmppt.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="Word.Document" Value="ichtmdoc.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="doc" Value="icdoc.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="gif" Value="icgif.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="htm" Value="ichtm.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="html" Value="ichtm.gif"/>
    <Mapping Key="ppt" Value="icppt.gif"/>
    <Mapping Value="icgen.gif"/>

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