Throwing SOAP Exceptions from Orchestrations Published as a Web Service

You can return a SOAP exception from an orchestration that you have published as a Web service. You add a fault message to your SOAP port and send the fault message instead of the response.

To throw a SOAP exception from an orchestration published as a Web service

  1. Add a fault message to the SOAP port type. The message type for the fault message can be any XML Schema (XSD) compliant schema or simple type.

    Note  To return a string as a SoapException with error information, you can use the simple type string as the fault message type.

  2. In your orchestration, create the fault message.
  3. Use the Send shape to link to the fault operation in the SOAP port that corresponds to the fault message. A SOAP exception wraps the returned fault message.

If your orchestration does not return an error, use a different Send shape to send the standard SOAP response message using the usual response operation.

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