Troubleshooting the SQL Adapter

This section lists problems you may encounter when using the SQL adapter and their possible causes and resolutions.


Problem: The following exception has occurred: FileNotFoundException: File or assembly name Microsoft.Data.SqlXml, or one of its dependencies, was not found.

Cause: SQLXML 3.0 Service Pack (SP) 2 is not installed.

Resolution: Install SQLXML 3.0 SP2.

For information about installing SQLXML 3.0 SP2, see Installing SQLXML 2.0 SP2.

Receive function returns empty documents

Problem: The SQL adapter receive function returns documents containing only the root and the target namespace when the SELECT statement or stored procedure produces an empty result set.

Cause: The SELECT statement or stored procedure contains the xmldata keyword.

Resolution: Remove the xmldata keyword from your SELECT statement in the SQL adapter endpoint configuration or the stored procedure.

Error received when sending updategrams to the SQL send adapter

Problem: Receive error message "Syntax error converting datetime from character string" while sending updategrams to the SQL send adapter.

Cause: The SQL table contains a datetime column and the updategram is trying to update that column with an incorrect value.

Resolution: Do not use the BizTalk Mapper functoids to create the datetime values to map to the updategram. The functoids create a datetime value in the format "1999-05-31T13:20:00.000-05:00". SQL datetime columns require datetime values to be of the format "1999-05-31T13:20:00.000". Instead of using the default date and time functoid, create the datetime value manually by calling the Parse or ParseExact method of the DateTime class.

Using money data type columns in updategrams

Problem: When the Add Generated Items wizard for the SQL adapter generates an updategram schema and the wizard represents the money data type column as XSD type decimal in the schema.

Cause: SQLXML requires updategrams to pass money columns in the form of "$123.45", with the leading dollar sign.

Resolution: To use money columns in updategrams, change the attribute in the updategram schema that corresponds to the money column in SQL Server from type xs:decimal to type xs:string. When mapping data to this column, remember to include the leading dollar sign.

Compilation error: Invalid 'name' attribute value

Problem: Receive the compilation error "Invalid 'name' attribute value: The 'Ê' character, hexadecimal value <hexadecimal value>, cannot begin with a name. An error occurred at file:/<file location>.xsd." when building a project.

Cause: The SELECT statement or stored procedure encountered illegal characters, as described in the System.Xml.XmlConvert class, for import in the Add Adapter Wizard.

Resolution: Modify the table or column names listed in the SELECT statement or stored procedure defined in the Add Adapter Wizard so that they contain legal values as defined by the System.Xml.XmlConvert class. For more information about characters supported by the XmlConvert class, see XmlConvert Class in the .NET Framework documentation.

Columns are missing from generated XML schemas

Problem: Columns are missing from XML schemas generated by the Add Adapter Wizard.

Cause: The Add Adapter Wizard could not match the XSD data type.

Resolution: Change columns of type SQL_Variant to a supported data type.

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