Configuring the OLE DB Provider for DB2

Microsoft® Data Access Components 2.0 and later includes Data Links, a generic method for managing and loading connections to OLE DB data sources. Microsoft Data Links, a core element of the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC), provide a uniform method of creating persistent OLE DB data source object definitions stored in the form of universal data link (UDL) files. The OLE DB Provider for DB2 normally uses Data Links and UDL files for loading and configuring data sources.

Applications, such as the RowsetViewer sample from the Microsoft Data Access SDK, can open created UDL files and pass the stored initialization string to the OLE DB Provider for DB2 at run time. Data Links provide a flexible method for finding and saving connection information to OLE DB data sources.

In order to use Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 with an OLE DB consumer application, the user must either (1) create a Microsoft data link (UDL) file and call this from the application, or (2) call the OLE DB provider from within the application using a connection string that includes the provider name and any other needed parameters.