Installing the Database Engine

The component database requires a database engine. You can use either the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE), or Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Microsoft Windows Embedded includes MSDE. You can purchase and install Microsoft SQL Server 2000 separately.

Note   There are two types of Windows XP Embedded: full and evaluation. You cannot use evaluation tools to connect to a full version of the component database. The types of the tools and of the component database must match.
Install the appropriate database engine type for the tools type you will be using.
You cannot upgrade from an evaluation component database to a full version. You must remove the evaluation component database, and then install the full version.

You can install the component database on the same computer you installed your development tools on (for a single-user environment) or on another computer (for a team environment). For more information about single-user and team environments, see Installation Options.

To set up the database engine

  1. Insert the Windows XP Embedded disk in the computer you want to use for your component database.

    If the Windows XP Embedded start page does not display, run Setup from the root folder of the installation media.

  2. At the Windows XP Embedded start page, choose Database Engine Setup.

    The SQL Server Desktop Engine dialog box appears, which launches the installation of MSDE. When the SQL Server Desktop Engine dialog box disappears, installation of MSDE has completed.

  3. Reboot the computer to start the database engine.

For SQL Server 2000 setup instructions, see the SQL 2000 Server documentation and the Administering a Shared Database topic.

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