Saving Target Analyzer Output to a Floppy Disk

With a standard floppy disk drive attached to your device, you can boot by using Windows PE, run Target Analyzer, and save the Devices.pmq file to a floppy disk.

Note   Windows PE is on Windows XP Embedded CD-ROM Disc 1, or a separate Windows PE disc, depending on whether you have the Full Price Product or the Upgrade Product.

To save the Target Analyzer output to a floppy drive

  1. Set up your device with all of the peripherals you intend the device to have in its final configuration.
  2. Connect a CD-ROM drive to your device.
  3. Boot the device by using the Windows PE disc.
  4. Navigate to the \XPE directory and run tap.exe from the command line.

    The following code example shows the appropriate parameters:

    tap /O a:\Kiosk-HW.PMQ

    tap.exe will then produce a hardware profile, a .pmq file, of the target device and save the results to a:\Kiosk-HW.PMQ on drive A.

  5. Copy the Kiosk-HW.PMQ file to your development computer where you have installed the Windows XP Embedded Tools and Database.

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