Restoring the Repository from Backup

Restoring the repository from a previous backup is similar to doing the original backup. Before you restore the previously backed up repository, you should backup your current repository.

To restore the repository folders from backup

  1. Back up your current repository folders. Use the procedure described in Backing Up the Repository.
    Note   Be sure to use a new location for this new backup, so that you do not overwrite your last backup with this new backup.
  2. Open your backup utility and follow the instructions on your screen or in your backup utility's documentation to restore the repository folders. Be sure to select the previous backup location, not the backup that you just created for your current repository.

    - or -

    If your backup utility does not include a restore feature, locate your previous backup location, and copy those folders to your repository folder. For example, copy them to D:\Windows Embedded Data\Repositories.

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