Restoring the Component Database from Backup

Restoring the component database from a previous backup is similar to doing the original backup. Before you restore the previously backed up component database, you should back up your current component database and repositories.

To restore the component database from backup

  1. Back up your current component database, using the procedure described in Backing Up the Component Database; however, when you complete that procedure, do not start up your database server service.
    Note   Be sure to use a new location for this new backup, so that you do not overwrite your last backup with this new backup.
  2. From your previous backup location, copy both the MantisSQLDB_log.LDF and MantisSQLDB_Data.mdf files to the Windows Embedded Data folder. For example, copy them to D:\Windows Embedded Data.
  3. Start your database server services.

    If you use MSDE, from the Start menu, choose Run, and then type Services.msc. Choose MSSQLSERVER and then choose Start.

    - or -

    If you use Microsoft SQL Server, from the Start menu, choose All Programs, choose Microsoft SQL Server, choose Service Manager, and then choose Start.

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