Development with Windows PE

Development with Windows PE

With Microsoft® Windows® Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE), you can bring up a device that has no operating system, hard drive, or device list. After you have created an image, you can use Windows PE to fine-tune the image on your device.

In This Section

Comparison of Windows PE to Bootable CD-ROMs
Describes two methods for booting a device from a CD-ROM and compares their uses during development, testing, and deployment.
Windows Preinstallation Environment
Describes the features and capabilities of Windows PE.
Booting with Windows PE
Describes how to boot any device that has a CD-ROM drive, regardless of the state or presence of an operating system or boot media, such as a hard drive.
Detect Hardware Devices with Target Analyzer and Windows PE
Describes how to detect hardware devices, and save the output to either a network location or a floppy disk.
Configuring a Hard Drive with Diskpart and Windows PE
Describes how to format and partition a hard drive by using Diskpart and Windows PE.
Firewall Protection in Windows PE
Describes the Windows Firewall provided by Windows PE in Windows XP with Service Pack 2, and how to enable or disable Windows Firewall.
Connecting a Device to a Network with Windows PE
Describes how to connect to network folders and map a network drive to install drivers or an image.
Using Windows PE as an Emergency Boot Disk
Describes how to use Windows PE if you make changes to your device that make the device unbootable.
Accessing the File System on Your Target Device with Windows PE
Describes how to access the NTFS file system on your target device, and how files can be protected from unauthorized access by enabling EFS.
Editing the Registry Hive For Your Image on the Target Device
Describes how you can access the registry hive for your image on the target device before or after you run FBA.

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Identify Target Device Hardware
Describes how to identify the hardware on your target system using Target Analyzer.
First Boot Agent
Describes how FBA completes the Windows XP Embedded process on your target system.

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