Installation Error Messages

The following table shows the error messages you might encounter and the resolutions to correct them when installing Windows XP Embedded.

Error messageDescriptionResolution
The Instance name specified is not validSQL Server or MSDE was already installed on your system and you are trying to install it again.Cancel the message, and then choose Database Setup. Follow the instructions in the wizard.
Internal Error 2744, FireRebase1Your system could be running Terminal Server in Application mode.A terminal server must be in Install mode before you can install an application. Use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel to set the terminal server to Install mode, and reinstall Windows XP Embedded.
The Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) or SQL Server version 2000 or later is required to be installed and running in order to install, modify, or remove this productMSDE or SQL Server is either not installed or is not running.Reboot the computer, or manually restart SQL Server Service using one of the following methods:
  • Choose Start, then point to Programs, and then point to SQL Server, and then choose Open.
  • Open Control Panel, then Administrative Tools, then Services, and then open MSSQLSERVER.
  • Confirm that you have installed either MSDE or SQL Server version 2000 or later.
An error occurred while connecting to the database on the server named <Servername>Could not connect to the component database on the Windows XP Embedded server, or the user selected a stand-alone configuration and installed MSDE, but not installed the actual database.Verify that the server name is correct and running MSDE , SQL Server 2000, or SQL Server 2005 and that the component database was installed.
Your current MSDE/SQL Server installation is not configured for mixed-mode security. This product requires mixed-mode security. Would you like to attempt to change this setting?Current database engine security settings are not configured correctly for your installation.Choose Yes to try to change the setting.
Setup failed to configure the server. Refer to the server error logs and setup error logs for more information. This message may appear if you removed Windows Embedded and then try to reinstall the Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine (MSDE). Removing Windows Embedded does not completely remove MSDE, so some of the files and folders left behind may block reinstallation.Remove or rename the Data folder, typically found in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\." Then try installing the database engine again. For more information, go to this Microsoft Web site.
Cannot delete repository files in the target folder. Make sure you have write access to the files. There are two instances in which this problem may occur.

1. The install process is interrupted before it finishes. Depending on how far it progressed, the interrupted install process may have added repository files to the target folder.

2. You have a previously installed version of FP 2007. You are installing the released version over the previous version.

1. Delete the target folders containing the repository files added during the interrupted installation.

2. Manually delete the previous version, and any other prior versions, of FP 2007. Then, delete these repository folders:

  • {4A793EDD-A496-445D-9A2C-E7FB61C94F84}
  • {E7D10479-A416-4AFE-94CC-E4129090F75F}
Please insert disk:There are two instances in which this problem may occur.

1. You started the installation process from a shared folder on your network.

2. You copied the contents of the installation CD to your computer and started the installation process from there. Later, you start the installation process again from a CD.

Solution: Install using the CD, rather than installing from the shared folder or your hard drive.
Cannot connect to the database – please check the database. Setup cannot continue. WEUpdate Exiting with return code: 64Your embedded database is installed on your computer, while the development tools you use are connected to a database on a remote computer.

The installation process tries to update the database on the computer specified in Component Database Manager. The install process is trying and failing to connect to the database on the remote computer rather than the database on your computer.

Solution: Restart your local computer, then begin the install process again. Verify that the MSDE or SQL service is running on the remote computer, and that you can view the remote computer on the network.

Do not install MSDE on Windows Vista systems. Please download the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition from and follow the installation instructions in the download.

For SQL Server 2005 systems, rename the default instance name of SQL Express 2005 to MSSQLSERVER during setup to ensure that the installed embedded studio tools work with the database.

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