Windows CE Error Reporting (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Windows CE Error Reporting is a set of technologies that captures key information about the state of the machine at the time of a program crash and allows users to report the collected information. Error Reporting helps improve the reliability of products and applications by giving continuous, detailed feedback to OEMs and Microsoft developers about problems users actually experience.

Developers can use the crash data collected to not only debug particular issues, but to spot trends. Historically, most failures are caused by very few code defects; fewer than 1% of the defects collected in crash dumps account for more than half of the total failures.

In This Section

Error Reporting Catalog Items
Provides information about the Catalog items you can select in Platform Builder.
Error Reporting Overview
Provides an overview of the error reporting process.
Error Reporting Modes and Settings
Provides an overview of registry and administrator settings.
How to Implement Error Reporting
Provides step-by-step instructions for implementing error reporting.
Windows Mobile Error Reporting Reference
Provides links to complete reference documentation.
Error Reporting Security
Provides information about security.

Related Sections

Kernel Overview
Provides detailed information about the Windows CE kernel.
Build System
Provides detailed information about the Windows CE build system, including catalog item management and environment variables.

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