Creating Platform Builder Add-ins Using Visual C++

Windows CE .NET

The following steps show how to create an add-in with Visual C++ using the Visual Studio .NET Add-in Wizard.

To begin creating a Platform Builder add-in with Visual C++

  1. On the File menu, choose New.
  2. In the New dialog box, choose the Projects tab.
  3. Select Platform Builder Add-in Wizard.
  4. In the Project Name box, enter a project name for the add-in, and then choose OK.
  5. In the Step 1 of 1 dialog box, enter a name and description for your add-in.
  6. If you want a toolbar for buttons that carry out commands added by the add-in, check the Provides a Toolbar box.
  7. If you want event-handling code for the Platform Builder objects, check the Responds to Platform Builder events box.

    The wizard adds a code stub for each event. Then, you must complete the code for the events you want.

  8. Choose Finish.
  9. In the New Project Information dialog box, note the files created by the wizard, the directory in which the project is stored, and then choose OK.

    After you close the wizard, Platform Builder displays the classes created for the add-in. For more information about the files and classes produced by the wizard, see Add-in Wizard Results.

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