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Windows CE .NET

Microsoft® Platform Builder includes a set of command-line tools and add-ins that you can use to create and customize a design template. Once you have completed creation and customization, you can build the design template to create a run-time image for download to a target device.

In This Section

Command-Line Tools
Describes command-line tools that you can use directly from the command prompt to create, download, and debug your platform.
Command-Line Tool Commands
Provides information on commands and procedures that you can perform with the command-line tools.
Add-in Events
Describes events that are available under the IApplication interface that you can use to add functionality to your platform with Platform Builder add-ins.
Add-in Interfaces
Describes interfaces that you can use to add support for Platform Builder add-ins to your platform.

Related Sections

About Platform Builder
Discusses the integrated development environment (IDE) and development tools for designing, creating, building, testing, and debugging a Microsoft Windows® CE–based platform.
Platform Creation
Offers an explanation about using the New Platform Wizard, which you can use to create a platform. Provides information about the build system that Platform Builder is based on, including the Platform Builder platform and OS directories.
Platform Customization
Describes how you can customize a platform using a variety of methods, such as adding a project or run-time files to a platform, modifying shared source code, or localizing the platform.
Platform Debugging and Testing
Provides information about debugging and testing platforms and applications, using a variety of tools, ranging from the Emulator to the remote tools to the Windows CE .NET Test Kit.
Integrated Development Environment
Describes the Platform Builder IDE user interface and the integrated applications that you can use to work with projects, such as resources and resource editors, and source code control systems.

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