How to Check the Dependencies of a Feature

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If you know the feature dependencies in your platform, you can ensure that your platform operates properly after you have built, downloaded, and initialized the OS image. You can also discover what other features are dependent on a specific feature that you want to remove. If other features in your platform have a dependency on the feature you want to remove, Platform Builder automatically puts the feature back in your platform.

When you add a feature to your platform during the platform development process, Platform Builder performs a check to determine whether the feature that you have added requires other features in order to operate properly. If the check discovers that there are feature dependencies, then Platform Builder automatically adds the required features to your platform to fulfill the dependency requirements. The set of features included in your platform also depends on the core OS your platform is based on, which is either HLBASE or IABASE. For more information, see Platform Modification.

Once you have built a platform, you can check the feature dependencies in your platform at any point in the development process.

The following table shows the steps required to check the dependencies of a feature. You can select the check box next to each step to track your progress.

  Step Topic
1. Create and build a platform. How to Use the IDE to Create, Customize, and Build a Platform
2. From the Workspace window in the integrated development environment (IDE), choose the FeatureView tab. Select and then right-click on a feature that you want to check dependencies on in your platform, and then choose Feature Dependencies. Not applicable.
3. In the right pane of the Feature Dependency Information dialog box, the corresponding Sysgen variables for the feature that you have selected are displayed in the Environment Variable field.

In the left pane, you can view the direct feature dependencies for that feature by expanding the feature tree.

Not applicable.
4. Using a text editor, open the batch application file Cesysgen.bat, which is located in %_WINCEROOT%\Public\<Platform Name>\Wince420\<BSP Name>\Oak\Misc. Not applicable.
5. Perform a search using the Sysgen variable suffixes corresponding to the feature you selected, as the search text string.

For example, if you are searching for SYSGEN_FSRAMROM, type fsramrom as the search text string.

Through this search, you can discover and view the complex feature dependencies for this feature.

Cesysgen Batch File

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