/Zm - Specify Memory Allocation Limit (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This option determines the compiler memory allocation limit. The following statement shows the syntax for /Zm.


The number argument is a scaling factor, with a default value of 100, which specifies a memory allocation of 105MB. The maximum value is 2000.

The following table shows how number modifies the memory allocation.

NumberMemory allocation
1010.5 MB
100105 MB
200210 MB
10001050 MB
20002100 MB

The compiler uses a number of discrete heaps, each of which has a finite limit. The total of the size limits for all heaps is about 105 MB, but when a heap is exhausted, the compiler cannot continue.

Memory is allocated only as needed; the 105-MB limit prevents using too much memory. Exceeding a discrete-heap size limit occurs only in rare circumstances involving very large or very complex programs. Should your program exceed one of these limits, use /Zm to scale the total size of all limits.

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