/Zg - Generate Function Prototypes (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This option generates a function prototype for each function defined in the source file, but does not compile the source file.

The function prototype includes the function return type and an argument-type list. The compiler creates an argument-type list from the types of the formal parameters of the function. The compiler ignores any function prototypes already present in the source file.

The compiler writes the generated list of prototypes to standard output. You might find this list helpful to verify that actual arguments and formal parameters of a function are compatible.

You can save the list by redirecting standard output to a file. Then, you can use #include to make the list of function prototypes a part of your source file. Doing so causes the compiler to perform argument type checking.

If you use the /Zg option and your program contains formal parameters that have structure, enumeration, or union type, or pointers to such types, the prototype for each structure, enumeration, or union type must have a tag.

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