/Yd - Duplicate Debugging Info (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This option when used with the /Z7 option, places complete debugging information in object files that are created from a precompiled header (.pch) file. For more information about the /Z7 option, see /Zd, /Z7, /Zi -Debug Info. The /Yd option takes no argument.

Note   The /Yd option is obsolete since implementation of the /Zi option, which creates program database (.pdb) files. The /Yd option is retained for backward compatibility with Microsoft C/C++ 7.0. For more information about the /Zi option, see /Zd, /Z7, /Zi -Debug Info.

Storing complete debugging information in every object file, including that which describes the .pch file, slows compilation and requires considerable disk space.

In contrast, when /Yc and /Z7 are used without /Yd, the compiler stores debugging information describing the .pch file in the first object file created from the .pch file.

The compiler does not insert this common debugging information into the object files that are created subsequently from the .pch file. Instead, it inserts cross-references to the debugging information.

No matter how many object files use the .pch file, only one object file contains the common debugging information.

Although this default behavior results in faster build times and reduces disk-space demands, even a small change might require rebuilding the object file containing the common debugging information. In this case, the compiler must rebuild all object files containing cross-references to the original object file.

Note   The /Yd option is implied with use of the /YX - Automate Precompiled Header option.

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