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Window Menu Options (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The options on the Windows menu enable you to work with the windows that you can create in the Platform Builder IDE.

The following options are available.

New WindowUse to create a window.
SplitUse to split the view of the selected window into panes.
Docking ViewUse to turn docking on and off for the selected window.
CloseUse to close the selected window.
Close AllUse to close all open windows.
NextUse to change focus to the next undocked window.
PreviousUse to change focus to the previous undocked window.
CascadeUse to arrange open windows in a cascading order that overlaps.
Tile HorizontallyUse to arrange open windows side by side horizontally without overlapping.
Tile VerticallyUse to arrange open windows tiled vertically without overlapping.
WindowsUse to manage the currently open windows.

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