/vmg - Use Full Generality for Pointers (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This option declares a pointer to a member of a class before defining the class.

This need can arise if you define members in two different classes that reference each other. For such mutually referencing classes, one class must be referenced before it is defined. The compiler uses the most general representation for the pointer to the member.

If you use the /vmg option, you must also use either the /vmm - Declare Multiple Inheritance, /vms - Declare Single Inheritance, or /vmv - Declare Virtual Inheritance option to indicate the inheritance model of the not-yet-encountered class definition.

The corresponding argument to the pointers_to_members pragma is full_generality.

See Also

Compiler Options | /vmm - Declare Multiple Inheritance | /vms - Declare Single Inheritance | /vmv - Declare Virtual Inheritance

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