/TpFilename, /TP - Specify C++ Source File (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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This option specifies that Filename is a C++ source file, even if it does not have the extension .cpp or .cxx. For both options, the space between the option and the Filename argument is optional.

/TP is a global variant of /Tp that specifies all files named on the command line should be treated as C++ source files, without regard to location on the command line in relation to the option.

If this option does not appear, the compiler assumes that files with the .c extension are C source files; files with the .cpp or the .cxx extension are C++ source files.

If you need to specify more than one source file with an extension other than the default (.c, .cpp), you must specify each file with the appropriate command-line option, /Tc or /Tp.

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