Tools Menu Options (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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You can add and define up to 16 options on the Tools menu to execute any utility or application that runs on your OS.

For information about customizing the Tools menu options, see Tools Menu Customization.

By default, the initial Tools menu configuration includes 10 user-defined commands, mapped to the remote tools. For information about these tools, see Remote Tools.

The following options are available.

Source BrowserUse to open the Browse Source window.
Close Source Browser FileUse to close a file in the Source Browser.
CEC EditorUse to open the CEC Editor for creating and editing Catalog Item (.cec) files.
CustomizeUse to customize the Tools menu and toolbars. for more information, see Customize Dialog Box.
OptionsUse to configure options for the Platform Builder integrated development environment (IDE).

For more information, see Options Dialog Box.

MacroUse to create and edit macros that perform actions.

For more information, see Macro Dialog Box.

Record Quick MacroUse to create a temporary macro.
Play Quick MacroUse to run a temporary macro.

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